What Our Participants Say

Some thoughts on our programs in the participants' own words:

“This truly was one of the best workshops I’ve attended.” - Nancy M. (workshop with Mark Bowie and John Radigan)

 “This workshop was inspiring and reawakened my passion for creating images.” – Susan R. (workshop with Nancy Rotenberg)

  “Let me thank you for all the assistance, support and guidance you gave me this weekend. I’m sure I speak for the rest of the participants when I say that we all felt we’d received individual attention.” – Deborah C. (workshop with Mark Bowie)

 “I got some great news a couple of weeks ago... one of my photos from the Adirondack Waters workshop is a finalist in the Adirondack Life photo contest!  I am very excited about this... it was your wonderful workshop… your million power lantern technique, and I believe you holding the light that made my photo. I would bet this won't be the only API workshop photo that places in the contest this year…” – Karl F. (workshop with Mark Bowie)

 “I am not a religious person, but in the best sense of the word, the time in the Adirondacks was a spiritual experience. You both should be very pleased.  Any photo session that describes itself as the “Intimate Image” and ends with participants emotionally moved to tears is magical.   

“I would like to express my feelings to all those involved (when you get around to publishing the email list) and hope that others were as touched and positively affected as I was (and this is being written nearly a week after returning!)  In my wildest hopes I would like to see the same group get together in the same location next year to attempt to duplicate the feelings and the photography.”  – Larry S. (workshop with John Radigan)

 “Many thanks for a great workshop in Blue Mountain!  That was my first time with a workshop/critique process - interesting and scary at the same time. You both did a great job with managing (juggling?) the different personalities in the group, the weather, and the changing nature of the fall colors.  I'll stick to physics teaching .. way easier than what you have to do! …the API workshops definitely opened up a new world of photography to me and will bring my images to another level. …Many thanks for all your hard work and your inspiration!” – Scott S. (workshop with John Radigan and Mark Bowie)

 “Kudos for organizing such an inspired workshop.  There are certainly many elements that contribute to the success of such an experience but it all starts at the organizing. Thanks. “– Shy K. I. (workshop with John Radigan and Nancy Rotenberg)

 “I can't thank you enough for the great job you did....as well as John, Carl, and Eric. I had the opportunity to shoot with each of you during the workshops you led, and I must say it was nothing short of a terrific experience. 

 “I've been to about 5 workshops during the last year, everywhere from the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake to Mt. Evans in Colorado.  BY FAR...this was the best workshop that I [have] ever attended.  Not limited to....but...the one thing that stuck out the most is your obvious passion and enthusiasm for photography.”  – Michael L. (NANPA Regional Event hosted by API)

  “What can I say. I think you did a great job and I had a great time!  The workshop was exactly what I was hoping for and my expectations were certainly met.” – Nick P. (workshop with Carl Heilman)

 “I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed Mark’s tour this past weekend in the Adirondacks. I’ve been to Adirondacks several times in the fall over the past few years, but Mark showed me some new places to photograph and was very knowledgeable about the area. I learned some new techniques and picked up several tips about software. All in all, a great weekend!” – Chris G. (tour with Mark Bowie)

 “Thanks again for the great experience at the workshop.  You've really put together a good program.” – Jeramy B. (workshop with John Radigan)

 “I really loved the seminar I took with you. I loved having time to just immerse myself without feeling guilty about everything else I should be doing like I do at home.” – Jeanne H. (workshop with John Radigan)

  “I found the weekend to be an amazing experience. We were all learning from each other. I learned a lot by watching what others were shooting and how they were doing it. You can’t rub shoulders with that many photographers without learning something and growing in the process. The great weather didn’t hurt either… You guys did a great job and were an inspiration to us all. What a contrast between the quality and integrity of the work you guys do and the guys on Wall Street.” – Tom V. (NANPA Regional Event hosted by API)

 “Thanks again to you and Eric for a great job! Not only have I learned plenty at each session, you guys have rekindled my interest and enthusiasm for photography.” – Kerry R. (workshop with Eric Dresser)

 “It was wonderful to feel alive again, and that's what you and your workshop did for me.” – Mary B. (workshop with John Radigan)

 “Just wanted to say thanks. I am certain that the past few days will have tremendous impact on my photography endeavors going forward. More than anything, the camaraderie motivates you to be better… And I was humbled that my shot was selected for the parting thought... I look forward to the next one” – Jack K. (workshop with John Radigan)

 “George's Contemplative Landscape workshop was wonderful and taught with a humility and grace one seldom finds. We were taught a path to practice the higher aspects of the art of photography that will help us evolve not only into great photographers, but also great human beings. The setting was perfect for a contemplative study of photography. Thanks to you for sharing some beautiful and touching spots of the Adirondacks you love with us. I left feeling them deep within me and I will be back to study with them and another one of your workshops.” – Memphis B. (workshop with George DeWolfe)

 “I felt Eric put on one great workshop, answering any questions presented to him. It was plain to see he spoke with experience and authority on any point presented to him. I myself a 35 year portrait photographer, was really impressed with his vast knowledge of the subjects we photographed. I brought home, what I feel are some significant images. Second, we never went hungry ! …Thanks to all for the great time and fond memories of my first venture to that great part of our country. I now consider Eric to be a friend of mine. If you get a chance attend his workshop you'll see why!!” – Howard B. (workshop with Eric Dresser)

 “At some time, every photographer reaches a point where some outside input is needed to reach the next level in his or her photography skills. The Adirondack Photography Institute fills that need with it's varied workshops throughout the year in Inlet New York. These workshops are first class and will not break you pocketbook either. In June I attended a Nature Photography Workshop with Eric Dresser. I had lots of one on one time and great conversation with a truly excellent nature photographer. Inlet is a quaint little upper NY town and the people are among the friendliest anywhere. The food was excellent at the Woods Inn. I saw more wild life ( the nature kind ) in two days than I normally see in two years at home. The tricks Eric showed me will last a life time. Thanks Eric! I fully intend, and look forward to taking another workshop next year.” – Gene L. (workshop with Eric Dresser)

 “Three things distinguish the API workshops from the pack of competitors:  Approachable and friendly instructors,  a beautiful, welcoming venue, and local knowledge.  The instructors know every nook and cranny of the Adirondacks, so participants are guaranteed a productive experience regardless of changes in the weather or time of day.  Plus, they're eager to share their knowledge: I asked for and received lots of 'inside information' on places to visit after the workshop concluded, and every recommendation was right on the money. As a working pro, I need to spend my time productively.  And I found the API workshop to be both fun and profitable."    Geoff C. (NANPA Regional Event hosted by API)

 “I feel Mark does an excellent job of presenting, is knowledgeable of the info, and does very well at keeping everything on schedule.” – Jan C. (workshop with Mark Bowie)

 “Good value, good locations.” – Dan R. (workshop with Eric Dresser)

 “I will be back! Winter is fabulous in the Adirondacks!” – Michelle D. (workshop with Mark Bowie)

 “Mark is an excellent leader and organizer. John was also a great help throughout the entire weekend.” – Deborah C. (workshop with Mark Bowie)

 “John was great (as was Mark) at getting around to everyone at the shoots to see what we were doing & offering tidbits of advice. They were both great!” – Sue K. (workshop with Mark Bowie)

 “The workshop was a fun, relaxing, and informative experience – a much needed break!” – Glenn M. (workshop with Mark Bowie)

 “Excellent skills building workshop under varying lighting conditions with an involved instructor.” – Howard A. (workshop with Carl Heilman)

  “I liked the personalized attention… The Woods Inn is the perfect location.” – Gary B. (workshop with Mark Bowie)

 “John runs a very professional program making sure every possible situation is covered in advance. This was a great experience with learning that will come with me every time I pick up my camera.” – Jeramy B. (workshop with John Radigan)