2017 Program Schedule

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Date Program Leader Location
February  9-12   Adirondack Winter Weekend   Bowie   Inlet, NY
May 21-26   Bandon Beach and the Southern Oregon Coast    Bowie/LeFevre   Bandon, OR
June 22-25   Spring Waterfalls Workshop   Bowie/LeFevre   Ithaca, NY
July 23-27   Photographing the Night Landscape   Bowie   Inlet, NY
September 22-24   Weekend with Adirondack Life   API/AL Staff   Wilmington, NY
September 24-29   Adirondack Fall Retreat   Bowie/LeFevre   Inlet, NY
October 1-5   Adirondack Peak Fall Color   Bowie/Esper   Long/Tupper Lake
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