Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What are the Institute's office hours?

See the Contact Us page of this website.

How do I contact the Institute?

See the Contact Us page of this website.

Why do you insist on an email address when I try to add my name to your mailing list?

At this time, other than mailings related to program registration, all of our communication with our mailing list takes place via email. We are committed to a "green" business approach. We will use Internet solutions, as opposed to eco-unfriendly printed materials, wherever possible.

Program Information

How do I register for one of your programs?

See the Registration page on this website.

What if I want to bring my spouse (or partner) along?

See our spouse/partner policy on the Registration page of the website.

When is the new program schedule released?

The full program schedule is released near the end of each calendar year.

Are your programs for digital camera users only?

No. Unless the program description specifies that the program is intended for digital users film users should have no problems taking the program. However, with digital technology in use in nearly every aspect of teaching and photography we feel that you will get much more from our programs if you are using a digital camera.

Will I receive any more information after registering?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation letter by mail, along with an invoice if there is a remaining balance that must be paid. The rest of the information concerning the program can be found on the web pages associated with the specific program you registered for. There may also be additional information sent by email as a specific program approaches.

How can I pay for my program?

See the Registration page on this website.

The program I'm interested in is full. What can I do?

Always put your name on the waiting list. Cancellations do happen and sometimes the waiting list is the only way you'll ever get into certain programs.

What airports are the most convenient for coming to the Adirondacks?

Syracuse Hancock International (SYR) and Albany International (ALB) are the airports nearest to the Adirondacks.

The program that I'm interested in takes place at a hotel, yet there are no rooms available there. Why is this?

The Adirondacks are a very popular spot for weddings and other events, especially during fall weekends. When many of the hotel's accommodations have been reserved for an event there is no other choice but to obtain lodging elsewhere nearby.